A focus on Deionised Water and Deionisation Cylinders

A focus on Deionised Water and Deionisation Cylinders

Advanced Water Treatment's Deionisation Cylinders are used in a variety of applications from the washing of plastic parts used in a well know vacuum cleaner to control of humidity inside a drill shalf on a North Sea oil rig.

Deionised water (or Demineralised water) is used on daily basis for the cleaning of manufactured components.

The use of Deionised water negates the need for further cleaning before Chemical Plating, Anodising or etching. As the deionised water has no dissolved solids, no residue is left on the surface of the components and so any parts washed in Deionised water are automatically ready for the next stage of the coating process. Even everyday objects like knives and forks are washed using Deionised water before the final coating.

AWT Deionisation cylinders can be used not only for the production of deionised water but for the polishing, this can be achieved by installing the AWT Cylinder in a deionised water loop ie in laboratories, or in a cleaning system for washing glasses lenses.

All of these systems use deionised water on small quantities (up to 500 litres per day), making AWT Deionisation Cylinder a cost effective solution to the supply of Deionised Water.

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