Borehole Water Treatment

However, you source your water supply, contaminants are collected as water moves through the ground, for example picking up chalk, nitrates and iron from the ground.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and your local water board (regulated by the DWI) will aim to keep the quality of your drinking water to excellent and therefore ensure they meet the legal limits of water contaminants as specified in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016.

However if you have a borehole the same regulations will apply to your water supply but as it is not managed by the local water board, the responsibility will fall to you to ensure that the water is safe.


oreholes can only be used in residential properties if treated properly. You may find iron, suspended solids and the hardness of your water are things that you need to treat your borehole water for. Bacteria will also be present in borehole water as the water boards ensure mains supply water is treated with chlorine to kill any bacteria present in the water supply.

AWT can help you to efficiently and effectively treat your borehole water.

AWT & Borehole Water Treatment

At AWT we offer a bespoke service. In all instances we would first; take a sample of your borehole water and put the water under a number of tests.

We test for the levels of your iron, aluminium, arsenic, chloride, calcium, manganese, nitrate, sodium and sulphate. We also test the conductivity of your water and make checks on the colour.

The treatment of your borehole water would be dependent on what the above tests find.

Generally, we treat borehole water for:

  • Iron Removal
  • Filtration of Solids and Nitrates
  • UV disinfection if bacteria present
  • Water softening if there are high levels of calcium in the water, as this can cause scale and limescale build up in pipes and taps.

Do you have any other questions?

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We are highly experienced in water treatment and are trusted by many companies to advise on all different types of water problems.

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