Working with a 'green' company

AWT have recently been working with the Green Britain Centre in Swaffham.

The Green Britain Centre have all aspects of Eco living covered. From the 100% vegan food they serve in the cafe (mostly being sourced from their own garden), to examples of future transport and of course renewable energy.

Recently we have been carrying out a number of water treatment services to enable the Green Britain Centre to operate in the highest possible sustainable way.

  • AWT increased the productivity of the rainwater harvesting tanks by cleaning the tanks and ensuring compliance with Legionella regulations which is an on going project.
  • We are also helping to Reduce energy usage and increase energy efficiency. We are working with the centre to reuse water in the most economic and environmentally friendly ways; for example reused water being used for flushing toilets.

Would you like any further information on reusing water?

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