High levels of iron removed from water supply

Water naturally dissolves iron when it moves through the ground and it will stay in that water unless it is dissolved.

We are generally asked to treat water for iron removal if companies or households use boreholes instead of mains supply water.

There is a legal amount of iron allowed to be in drinking water and therefore water treatment is required to bring the water to the correct levels.

Iron removal involves the use of two cylinders.

  1. Using a suction of air in to the first cylinder this dissolves the iron from the water.
  2. The water then travels to the next cylinder where it runs through media causing a reaction and the iron turns into iron oxide.

Iron oxide cannot be dissolved back into the water and so settles on the media. The water the leaves the second cylinder within the safe levels of iron.

Every 24hours when the cylinders are not in use, the media cylinder will do a back wash and empty all of the iron oxide from the media.

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