Back to the basics

Water Treatment... what do people use it for?

We have been working in this industry for over 20 years and the reasons that people use our services have in some ways stayed the same, but in some sections like deionised water it has really diversified.

Here is a list of some of reasons that we have supplied water treatment over the past year...

  • Boiler savings eg water softeners, chemicals
  • Softening hard water in homes
  • Car lacquering
  • Window cleaners using deionised water for pole fed systems
  • Legionella services to businesses with more than 5 employees and to landlords
  • RO systems
  • Chemicals for water treatment of swimming pools & spa pools
  • Cyclone separators to lower maintenance and costs of people using filters
  • Fork-truck battery top up
  • Uv systems to clean borehole water
  • Laboratories where water has to be pure for testing

What now?

For more information on any of the above you can get in touch with one of our qualified team today, we can offer you advice, solutions and bespoke packages for any water problems that you may be having.

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